Egoback birth of a brand

Did we create a new brand for the man or did we just reveal something that already existed? In its name, shape, spirit and values, EGOBACK seems to have existed for decades.

A brand for the man, like the essence of a perfume or a trait of character, it is a story that one tells, a history that one meets. It's a non-violent shock, a good surprise.

And then as a tattoo, the name becomes obvious, as written on the skin. The sound and the rhythm of the word become familiar, we can not guess the meaning of the brand, we feel it.

EGOBACK has become obvious to us. Symbol of the man, it is the revelation of his character, the assertion of oneself.

We imagine men's bags and accessories, we design them for you. Each of our bags is designed and manufactured in France, we choose quality materials to bring you a durable object, deeply useful and a piece of identity.

Our bags are called 8.17 or 8.39, the first figure is a size, a bag capacity (about 2.5 liters for 8.x). The other two digits define the style of the bag. So which bag will be yours?