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Free delivery in France above 150€TTC

The man is a scent

In all that characterizes man, his scent and smell are probably the most striking. In French we say “I feel good” to say that I love you and I love your perfume because it is through the nose that we feel and we feel. We love or hate man for the smell he gives off, it is the alchemy of the human feelings issued of the millennia when we were almost animals.

Close your eyes and imagine the scents of the desert, those of the earth after a summer storm, the smells of Tuscan cypresses or the sea breeze; and discover the man who wears them. Imagine to the infinity what nature offers of flowers, trees or stones and you will find the character of the man in his richest composants.

From the smell of fire to that of the moist earth, each man has an acquired perfume, derived from his daily life or brought back from his travels. This is the basis of what makes the man, who will agree with all other scents, but will retain the ultimate personal originality.

And then there is the perfume chosen, the one that expresses his personality to complete his story, the one that tells as an explosion the cry that every man dreams to shout every day. But from peppermint to musk, the same fragrance will not create the same result on every man, that’s what makes each a unique fragrance.

Like perfumes that we buy in bottles and that correspond to our personal choices to make character traits, our leathers and canvases have an odor, a smell that tells a story of artisans and elegance. Each of our bags is designed with character for men, we hope you will feel good with them.

The man’s gesture

Whether it’s a caress or a way of letting one arm rest on one’s leg when seated, the man is made of gestures as much as physical characteristics. At his own pace and in a personal way, the man acts every day by thousands of these unconscious gestures and without knowing it or wanting it,…
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The man is a son

Before, he was a boy, not yet a man but already more than a child. Before, there were jumps in puddles, jokes and the fear of being scolded. Before girls were not funny because they did not play football and their mockery was mystery. Before, the choices did not matter. Before Tuesday was like Thursday…
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The man and the rain

It is raining. But the man remains motionless and lets the water run down his face. Finally, this downpour is a good thing, it drives away the heaviness of a heat of storm. It soothes, it forces the man to live the moment, to feel this minute, rather than crossing the hours always faster. So…
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Man is back

The man of today is bearded, tattooed with abs drawn under a denim shirt, top thirty years old, square jaw and biker eyes but with a marshmallow heart, which does not forget the anniversary of the first date, nor Mother’s Day (for her mum obviously) … Is this persistent, almost retinal image truly representative of…
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