The story

This is a simple story, probably like all good stories. Stéphane is a  digital and media professional, groundless to create a brand of bags for men. He is not particularly "fashionable" or addict of the latest trends but he likes what is nice, materials that have sense and elegance. Originally from a village part of French history of leather and from of an entrepreneur's family, the genes of crafts and well done work were there and well anchored.

The trigger comes at the beginning of 2017 summer, it's a hot day and Stéphane had to wait in a shopping mall for a future professional meeting, he was alone and wandering in front of the shop windows. When suddenly, he crossed his reflection in the mirror. The outfit was correct, from the gray jeans to the pink linen shirt, the boots, the belt and the watch band are matched, but yet, he did not like what he was seeing. Wallet, cell phone, keys and documents fill the pockets of his jeans. And fill is not a simple view of the mind, in front of and behind, the pockets were full, bulging, unsightly ... The hands are taken by a small bottle of water, this is ... ugly.

Mobile phone, wallet and  keys are essential, so it became obvious to Stéphane to find a solution. In the shopping arcade, he began to observe passersby. Some, like him, have full pockets and Stéphane notes with some relief that the disastrous effect on the silhouette is common to all. We have pockets for our pants but they are not tote bags.

Sac épaule 8.17

Some men wear a big backpack and when it does not look like a schoolboy backpack, it's too big for the occasion. Some pockets more or less successful, a banana bag (probably a lost tourist), but nothing appeared conclusive.

Seated on a bench, Stéphane drew his smartphone (from his back pocket) and started searching on the Internet, he found tote bags or small backpacks but none appears as an attractive solution for a quadra hetero. Women have thousands of handbags and nothing for men? Ok, so we have to invent it. A backpack but with a shoulder strap to carry it to one shoulder, a small bag to store everything I have in my pockets but which remains extremely masculine, that sound easy, almost obvious ....

But if the world of brands and communication are known playgrounds, leather goods and manufacturing were new for him. And then, will his taste be that of others? So, he started by sharing, exchanging and hiring a consulting agency to define the project's outlines and define the trajectory (thank you Agency 71). He also called friends with successful experience of ecommerce to gather feedback (thanks Rituels)

Then, trade fairs, trips and meetings, Stéphane built his manufacturing team by choosing French crafts for its quality and proximity. The materials and accessories have also been chosen with care, leathers from the best tanneries in Europe, a water-repellent canvas that comes from France and England (because English are exceptional when it comes to rainy weather, go know why ...), Italian and Swiss accessories for their quality and reliability.

Meetings (multiple, we did not count them) for the creation with men and women of all ages, a first prototype, then 2, 3, etc. Finally, more than a year after the idea and the decision, the first final bag landed in our hands. Even if the way to go for the brand is still (very) long, it is a first pride and great joy to handle the first bag, the number 1, which is also called 8.17, why? That's another story....

Sac épaule 8.17